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How long does SMP take?

Each procedure time frame is going to differ person to person, however on average, most of the work can be done in one to three sessions. Each procedure takes approximately four hours, with the client coming in for a touch up, or fill, if desired after six weeks, or until desired level of density is achieved.

How long does it last?

The procedure lasts a very long time, up to ten years. We guarantee our work for longevity. However, you must use sun protection every day (after you have fully healed.) Following all post procedure care is an absolute must, and will greatly affect your final outcome.

Does it hurt?

Clients generally tell us it feels more annoying then really hurting, however everyone’s pain tolerance is different. If pain is an issue for you please talk to your technician.

Will I bleed?

Our needles are set at a specific depth level and angle to only target the epidermal layer of the skin. There are no blood vessels in this layer. It is possible that you may have some light spotting during the procedure, however this would be very minimal.  Some of our clients have even returned to work after the procedure, though it is recommended you relax.

Can't I just get this done with my tattoo artist?

We have specially designed tools and are highly trained to preform only these procedures. This is all we do. We are hair replication specialists. We set our needle at a specific depth level, angle, and speed for optimal results.

We only use specially formulated Canadian made SMP carbon based pigment, that will not be absorbed into the blood stream, or change colours. We also use a variety of micro sized needles, designed specifically for this procedure. Advanced Techniques needles are significantly smaller then your standard body art needle, as well as other SMP providers.

We also have a variety of SMP needle sizes, because everyone’s follicles are different, this insures we get a true match to your existing hair follicles, and we are able to create a more dimensional and realistic look.

Are you SMP certified?

Yes, fully certified in SMP since February 2015 to the highest Canadian standards, we are also Interior Health Approved, Permitted, Licensed and Insured by Lloyds of London. We are continually upgrading our skills and equipment to stay ahead of the trends. Please if you are thinking of going anywhere else ask to see credentials and certification. It is up to you to check, unfortunately this is not a regulated industry. The most common corrections I see have been from microblade artists who have been “in the beauty industry for years” experimenting on people. Being certified in micro pigmentation for eyebrows is a little different. Definitely do your research. This is an investment in your future and it should be an amazing experience. Ask to see their before and after gallery, healed results and certifications. Please make sure that it is there own work that they are posting not examples of SMP which unfortunately is very common. Be sure to get any claims made in writing.

What about my privacy? I don't want anyone knowing I've come to see you.

We understand, and we actually get that a lot. That is why we our take clients confidentiality very seriously. So much so, that we will never book more then one SMP procedure per day. Not only does that give you complete privacy, it also means that we will not be in a rush to get you out the door. Our clinic is cleverly hidden in downtown Kelowna, yet off street level so no one will know you’ve come to see us, and if you are still concerned, we have a back door.

What if I change my mind after can I have it removed?

You can have SMP removed with laser therapy at a laser tattoo removal clinic. All of our pigments are carbon based so they respond very well to laser. We only place our pigment in the epidermal layer of the skin so laser removal generally works very quickly. However, everyone’s skin reacts differently to lasers and it may not be possible in certain skin types, we are not laser specialists so for further information on this, please contact your local laser clinic for more details.

I am from out of town and I would like to have this done, is that possible?

Yes, we Love our out of town clients. We have worked on people from Toronto, to Saskatchewan and everywhere in between. Most of the work can be done in our clinic in one or two days, however, expect to come back for a touch up in the future. We have a special discounted rate available with Prestige Hotel as well as Hotel Zed for our out of town clients just down the road from us, mention our clinic to receive a preferred customer price.

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